Science Day out!

Over the past year, Mt Gravatt Library’s favourite school kids have been regularly visiting to read books and learn more about ‘big school’.

Each month, the school kids from Yarranlea Primary School take a short walk to Griffith Library for storytime and activities with the librarians.

But this month it was the primary school’s turn to host the librarians. Griffith received a special invitation to attend the school’s annual science day.

During the morning the kids became mini Einsteins enjoying a variety of different science activities and experiments. Not surprisingly, the homemade sherbet was the favourite!

Our librarians took along some acid (Coca-Cola), zinc and copper to make a homemade battery – after all you need power and light to see when you read books!

The Yarranlea Primary school shares the campus grounds with our Mt Gravatt Library and is only a short walk up the hill from the children’s classroom.

The the library has been opening its doors (and books) to the students since the community initiative began last year. The monthly visits incorporate engaging stories with fun and educational activities all run by Griffith’s Library staff.