Revolution School: ABC TV

Answer sheetAn interesting program has been airing on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) over the last few weeks. A four-part documentary series, Revolution School follows the progress of the implementation of new teaching methods at Kambrya College in Melbourne’s south east. It is currently available to watch on iView.

Kambrya College was ranked in the bottom 10% of secondary schools in Victoria in 2008 based on Year 12 results. Michael Muscat, Principal, decided that the best way to improve the school’s rankings was to turn to positive education, mindfulness and strength-based teaching, through a positive psychology program that was introduced to help students cope better with stress. Applying new programs based on work done by Professor John Hattie of Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education the school has succeeded in improving its ranking to be in the top 25% of schools in Victoria.

One of the changes made within the school related to the use and adaptation of digital learning technologies into the classroom environment. The methods employed not only extended the reach of the teacher beyond the classroom and into the online space, but also allowed students to engage at their own pace in a medium where they are regarded as digitally capable.

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