Are your valuables safe?

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Don’t let thieves run away with your belongings

In 2014, $1 million worth of rare Australian coins were stolen from the New South Wales State Library in broad daylight. The coins were under lock and key in a secure glass display cabinet (The Australian).

So if you leave your purse, mobile device or laptop unattended in the library, do you think it will be safe? Um, that would be a big fat no!

If thieves are willing to pinch valuables from a secure case monitored by CCTV, then they will most certainly swipe your stuff when you aren’t looking.

Protect your personal belongings in the library:

  • Never leave valuable items of property unsecured and unattended
  • Never lend anyone your Student Card, swipe cards or access cards
  • Ensure your personal computer is secure
  • Do not wedge doors open
  • Report suspicious behaviour to Griffith Security on x7777 immediately

See the Griffith Security website for further tips about property security on campus.