Where is sugar hiding?


Apparently, it’s quite the ninja.

According to a recent article in the Healthy Food Guide, you could be eating up to 24-teaspoons of sugar everyday without even realising it.

The article, ‘Where is sugar hiding’, shows you where the sweet stuff may be sneaking into your diet and what you can do to cut back (June 2016, page 40).

Here are 5 sweet things, we learnt from the story:

  • The World Health Organization recommends a limit of 6 teaspoons of sugar a day
  • Sugar hides behind names such as honey, syrup, and agave nectar
  • Baked beans have added sugar (Nooooooooo!)
  • 1 thick slice of banana bread contains 5 – 7 tsp added sugar
  • All that sugar makes you feel cranky by mid-afternoon (we are totally paraphrasing here)

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