So the winner of the Mad Hatter competition is…

Photo of tea party

Alice is on her way to Burma!

Thanks to all our clever students who entered the Find the Mad Hatter competition during Library and Information Week 2016.

Nearly all of you correctly solved the riddle and helped Alice book her tickets to the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Burma. She is very thankful for your assistance!

We would like to give a shout out to the creative student who answered our riddle with a riddle. It was seriously awesome and the Library Social Media Team collectively nominated you to write the riddle for next year’s comp (not really, don’t stress!).

But all you really want to know is who won, right? Well, drum roll please…. The winner of the $50 Movie Gift Card is Aimee W!

Congratulations Aimee! Enjoy your hot buttery popcorn, frozen coke and sweet, sweet choc top (*wipes away drool*), and the movie, of course!

Please tell me you’re going see Alice Through the Looking Glass? It’s out now, you know.