Struggling with exam prep?


Exams are fun, right? That’s why we sit so many of them *ROFL*. Unless you are a genius or just plain weird, this is just not true.

Let’s be honest, most of us loathe exams. And the fact our beloved university has not one, not two, but three whole weeks a semester dedicated to exams, is just plain mean. Amiright?

Unfortunately, we can’t stop exams from existing. Teachers, trainers, tutors and lecturers the world over are always going to set them to test (torture) students on course content.

But luckily for you, we can help make the process less traumatic and stressful, and more productive.

We recommend you come and talk to us (just lie down on the couch and tell us your troubles… *puts on spectacles and tries to look wise). And by us, we mean an exam expert, or who we fondly refer to as a Learning Adviser.

Learning Advisers offer Academic Skills Consultations throughout the semester, including breaks. You may have met with them during the semester to get help with an assignment. You’d have to remember the awesome advice they dished on academic writing, time management or delivering an oral presentation?

Well, they are just as helpful when it come to exam prep. Learning Advisers can provide you with tips and strategies to improve your chances of passing exams, or just maximising your already stellar exam performances.

Book an Academic Skills Consultation now. Can’t make it to uni? You can also request an online consultation. Email your request to and provide your preferred online contact address, e.g. Skype. You will be contacted by a Learning Adviser to arrange a suitable time.