eBooks, open access, research and chocolate crackles

Photo of chocolate crackles

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Open access is a term that gets used a lot, especially in the academic environment. No doubt you’ve come across it a billion times already.

And there is a reason for that. Open access really just means free and easy access to scholarly work.

We all love free stuff, right? Especially when it’s primo quality and something we can actually use. And scholarly open access publications ticks both those boxes.

The Directory of Open Access Books, an initiative of the AOPEN Foundation, is a listing of peer-reviewed open access eBooks that have been published by commercial publishers and society or university presses.

With titles from publishers such as the Australian National University Press, Springer, de Gruyter, Bloomsbury Academic and Palgrave Macmillan, the DOAB certainly delivers primo content (and did we mention free?).

But we can smell your doubt (we’ve got the nose of a hound). You aren’t convinced it holds anything for you.

Well, being the clever folk that we are, we prepared a little something to tempt you – chocolate crackles. Sorry, only joking! But they would have worked a treat, wouldn’t they?

Instead, we have prepared a list of titles from the database that you might like to have a look at (apologies if you would have preferred chocolate crackles):

  • What is Diary Method?
    Ruth Bartlett; Christine Milligan
    Bloomsbury Academic, 2015
  • What is Narrative Research?
    Corinne Squire et al
    Bloomsbury Academic, 2014
  • What is Online Research?
    Tristram Hooley et al
    Bloomsbury Academic, 2012
  • What is Qualitative Interviewing?
    Rosalind Edwards and Janet Holland
    Bloomsbury Academic, 2013
  • What is Qualitative Research?
    Martyn Hammersley and John L. Campbell
    Bloomsbury Academic, 2012

What are you waiting for? Check out the Directory of Open Access Books today.