You know you want to be our Facebook friend


Are you on Facebook? Ermahgerd, what a coincidence… we are too. We should totally be friends!

Jump onto Facebook and find us at @griffithunilibrary. You’ll be sure to ‘like’ our posts – we post useful bits and bobs about the goings on at Griffith Library. Never again will you miss out on a potentially lucrative competition, a new and innovative library resource, or an exciting update to one of our plethora of services.

Facebook is a new addition to our social media family of Blogs (the one you are reading RN!), Instagram, and Twitter. We know staying connected is important to you, so our Facebook page is just another opportunity for you to engage with your library.

Remember, Facebook is social. So be friendly and follow us! At the time of writing this post, we had about 500 followers. With a press of a button, you could help us reach quadruple figures!

We understand though if you can’t commit to following a new Facebook page. You could just ‘like’ a post you found informative, ‘share’ a post you think would interest others, or be brave and ‘comment’ on one of our posts.

Check out @griffithunilibrary on Facebook today!