3 free apps to help you save money


Show me the money! No matter our financial situation, we are always looking for ways to keep our bank balance healthy. Nobody wants to throw their hard earned cash down the drain! So we rounded up three free apps to help you pinch those pennies.

GasBuddy – Find cheap fuel prices
By: GasBuddy Organization Inc
Cost: Free
Available: iTunes and Google Play
GasBuddy is now available in Australia! Fuel prices change on average, 3 to 4 times a day. Stay up to date and save heaps at the servo by finding the cheapest fuel with GasBuddy.

Hitch-A-Ride – Rideshare with friends
By Hitch-A-Ride Pty Ltd
Cost: Free
Available: iTunes
If you’re a driver looking to share commuting costs, or a passenger who needs to get somewhere, Hitch A Ride will make your life easier. It uses Facebook to connect with Friends, or Friends-of-Friends to either Hitch or Drive within your area. Set up a university group on Hitch-A-Ride to arrange carpooling options with classmates who live nearby. You all share the same destination, so why not share some of the costs of getting here too?

Acorns AU – Invest spare change from everyday purchases
By: Acorns Grow Australia Ltd
Cost: Free
Available: iTunes and Google Play
Acorns helps you save & invest spare change from your everyday purchases and invest into a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. You can easily get started in minutes: anytime, anywhere. Featured in: TIME, The New York Times, ABC World News Tonight, Forbes, WIRED, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, USA Today, and The Verge.