Have you entered our Name the Space comp yet?

name the space

Are you one of the 67 students who has submitted an entry in our Name the Space competition?

Clever you! You are now in with a shot to win one hundred smackeroos (that’s dollars, in case you were unsure).

If you haven’t entered, there is still plenty of time. The competition is open until 5pm, Friday 27 May 2016. To enter, simply mastermind an awesome name for the new student space at the Gold Coast campus library, visit the original blog post, and share your idea in the comments.

Please don’t comment with your ideas on this post. We couldn’t possibly cope with having to check two different places for entries (you know we have things to do, places to go, people to see).

Plenty of creative names have been submitted already. You should totally go check out the competition in this competition.

The Library Social Media Team is quite partial to a few of the names already. And just so you know, we aren’t choosing the winner. A panel of higher powers will be responsible for that.

Here are five entries that have caught our attention so far:

  • The Habitat Lounge
  • Bamboo Lounge
  • MySpace
  • The Green Hive
  • Spacey McSpaceFace

Which name do you like?  Vote on your favourite name in the original blog post. We can’t guarantee it will influence the outcome, but you never know. If you want to win the $100, be sure to submit your own super creative, original yet fitting name.