When is the best time to run?


Run Forrest! Run!

Well, anytime you are being chased by zombies (or anything that can seriously harm you!) is a pretty good reason to pick up the pace.

Or if you’ve registered for the Annual Nathan Dash – today is the day to put on those running shoes! The big event has finally arrived, and from this day onwards, you could forever be known as the fastest on campus… Nice huh?

No excuses if you haven’t registered. Hot foot it down to the Campus Heart at 12pm to cheer on the competitors.

Hosted by Griffith Sport, the Nathan Dash is an annual sprint through the centre of the Nathan campus.

The 660m course will start at the Campus Heart, travel along the Johnson Path, through the underpass through to The Hub, circle down passing in front of the Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue and return back down the Johnson Path to finish back in the Campus Heart.

Check out the course map (PDF 175K).

Races will be held from 12pm – 2pm. For more information, head to the Griffith Sport Nathan Dash page.