Living in South East Queensland – a student photography exhibition 2016


A student photography exhibition is on display on the ground floor of the Gold Coast campus library.  The exhibition is an assessment item for first-year student occupational therapists that has required them to visually demonstrate their theoretical knowledge.  Students have worked in small groups to identify an aspect of the course content and then capture an image that demonstrates their knowledge of occupation.

In occupational therapy, occupation is the term used to refer to all the activities that humans engage in throughout our days and our lives, as individuals and groups of people.  Occupations fill our time, have meaning and purpose, consume our energy and utilise our abilities.  As humans, we engage in occupations from birth until death, and our pattern of occupational engagement is unique to each person’s life and experiences.

Come along and visit the exhibition, which will be on display for the next few weeks.  You can also share your thoughts and reactions or ask questions via Twitter @GriffithOT or with the hashtag #1311AHS.

For more information contact Professor Matthew Molineux on or (07) 5552 7853.

Morris_final 1