Are my classes cancelled for the Labour Day public holiday?

OMG! I'm so confused about the deeming of days!

‘OMG! I’m so confused about the Deeming of Days rule!’

No, your classes are not cancelled for the Labour Day public holiday on Monday 2 May 2016. Don’t stress though we aren’t making you attend classes on a public holiday!

Due to a Griffith University rule called the Deeming of Days, your Labour Day classes are being rescheduled to Tuesday 3 May.

This is because you’ve already missed your Monday classes for the ANZAC Day public holiday, and the University doesn’t want you to miss two sets of the same class due to those pesky public holidays. And since Tuesday is now Monday, the classes on Tuesday are cancelled. Clear as mud?

Here’s the Deeming of Days rule explained as simply as possible:

  • All classes scheduled for the ANZAC day public holiday, Monday 25 April, are cancelled (phew, that’s lucky because you didn’t go anyway!)
  • All classes scheduled for the Labour Day public holiday, Monday 2 May, will be held on Tuesday 3 May
  • All classes that were scheduled for Tuesday 3 May are cancelled (because Tuesday 3 May is now deemed to be Monday 2 May)

Please visit Academic Calendar where you will find out which days are ‘deemed’. You should check with your Lecturer or Tutor if you are unsure.