Are you working on an essay?

Did you know that some words have different meanings from everyday speech in academic research?

shutterstock_231916333Writing an essay can be a struggle – you need to decide what language to use, how to get the most out of your word count and follow the directions of your assessment information.

But, once again, the Library is to the rescue!  We have a page dedicated to directive words and their meanings.

The Writing page on the Griffith University Library Self Help page is full of how to write different essays and to get more from your research into your writing.

shutterstock_231916183There is so much involved in an assignment, that is hard to know where to start.  Look at the Library’s Writing page to learn about hidden meaning and words in your assessment criteria:

And this is just a small selection of the resources available to you.  If you need a be extra guidance or learn better in person: we have multiple workshops available through the semester, a weekly IT drop in session at Nathan and Gold Coast libraries and you can book an appointment for a 20-minute one-on-one consultation with a Learning Advisor.

The Library is here to help you – in fact the whole of Griffith University wants you to succeed and not just with you studies!