Can’t find that book?


Oh, the frustration! You have been searching high and low for resources on your tricky assignment topic and have come up short. There is nothing! What a dumb assignment!

Until now… The boyfriend of your roommates sister has told you about an awesome book he used for the same assignment last semester. He said it even listed a gazillion other resources that would be super helpful for your assignment.

So being the research whiz that you are; you whipped out your mobile device, opened the Griffith App, and performed a search in the Library Catalogue for the aforementioned book.

But alas, the book is out on loan until the day after the assignment is due. Before you curse us for not holding another copy of that must-have title, we must tell you about BONUS+.

BONUS+ is a resource-sharing project that Griffith University staff and students can use to request books from participating University libraries in Australia and New Zealand. This includes many other University libraries such as Deakin, QUT and UTS.

If the book you need is not held at any of our Griffith University Libraries or is out on loan, you can request it online from another BONUS+ library.

So how do you request an item? It’s simple!

  • Search the library catalogue
  • Click BONUS+
  • Select Request this item if the book is available at a BONUS+ library
  • Select Griffith University
  • Click Submit above information
  • Enter your Griffith username and password
  • Choose your Pickup Location
  • Click Submit

For more information, see the BONUS+ page on the library website.