Tech yourself out for Semester 1

It’s time to get techy and tick off our Tech List.

apple-606761_1920University in the 21st century is a whole lot easier thanks to things like e-books, Google Drive, the Cloud, Apps and of course Smartphones.

Here are our top tech tips to help you start the semester off right!

  • WiFi

First things first, let’s get your device up and running on the Griffith wireless network. Simply, choose your device and follow the instructions!

  • Griffith App

Haven’t downloaded our app yet? We highly recommend it. Your email, timetable, interactive map, Blackboard are all in one place at your finger tips!

  • IOS Printing

You no longer have to email, USB transfer or even move thanks to our IOS Printing. Get set up today.

  • Google Apps

As a Griffith student you get access to a whole range of awesome Google Apps like Drive, Docs, Calendar and more. Make the most of Google’s Apps to help you ace your course.

  • Discounts for you

We have awesome computing discounts for you so make sure you check out what deals you can take advantage of. And don’t forget Microsoft Office 365 is free for all Griffith students!

  • Lecture Capture

Although we encourage lecture attendance we do understand that other stuff comes up. This is why Lecture Capture is so loved! Most lectures across Griffith are recorded which means you can catch up on anything you missed online.

That’s the end of our crash course. Have a techriffic Semester 1!