Learn the who, what, when and where of referencing

You can't get out of referencing, so you might as well learn how to do it properly

Don’t let referencing get on top of you! Attend a referencing workshop during Referencing Week

How are your referencing skills? Maybe you are a first-year student and haven’t experienced the joy of correctly referencing your first uni assignment yet. Or maybe you are in your final year and your citation skills got a little dusty over the break.

Well, it’s your lucky day… I mean week! It’s Referencing Week in the Library and we have a multitude of workshops and resources to help you become adept at citing eBooks, journal articles and blog posts.

It’s the perfect time of semester to improve your referencing skills. So take a look through this week’s workshop timetable and book into a session. You don’t even need to be on campus – we have three webinars on researching and referencing that you can attend virtually.

Already attended a workshop and just need a refresher? We have these helpful resources for you:

  • Referencing tool
    Direct quotation, paraphrasing and reference list examples are included for each of the four referencing styles used at Griffith
  • Referencing guide
    Provides an overview of what referencing is, why it is an important part of academic integrity, and how to to reference correctly.
  • Individual and small group consultation sessions
    Consult with a Library, Computing or Academic Skills specialist.