Want to check out the libraries without leaving your home?

New this year and keen to check out all the nooks and cranny’s, finding the best sneaky study spots inside the library? Or maybe you’re a returning students who had a bit too much fun on the holidays and can’t quite remember where it was you were supposed to meet your mate. Did you know that you can tour each of the Griffith University’s libraries online?

Click your way through each campus library on the new 360 degree online tours.

The tours can be found on each library’s Places and Spaces page but we will do you one better and link you to each campus directly:

Take the time to click on each library, explore the zones, hey you might even recognise a blurred face or two!  Great thing about these new 360 tours is – they are also on Google Maps!

Remember, while each campus library may look different, we still offer the same great services at each: