Want some free stuff?

The Griffith University Welfare website has a pretty cool new addition – free stuff!


As we begin a new year, many of us are starting to move out and move in to new places, and the best way to deck out your new pad is to reuse and recycle what others have loved.  Log into the new page and start swapping some stuff around with other students – you might just score the weird 1970s era sauce bottle that will go eclectically well with the retro 2010 place mats.

As a Griffith student you can log in and use this site to list your own pre-loved items and to source some new pieces for the newly vacated spaces!

From the Welfare page, choose the first tab from the list on the right: FreeStuff@Griffith!  If you can’t find what you want or need on FreeStuff@Griffith – check out ozrecycle.com or au.ziilch.com.

Don’t forget we also have a separate page for the Textbook Exchange Service.