Hashtags for the researcher

Hashtags are the way topics and conversations are grouped on Twitter and other social networks. But they have a history longer than the digital age.

Keith Houston, in his blog Shady Characters, traced the hashtag back to the fourteenth century when medieval monk-scribes abbreviated the the Latin term libra pondo as ℔ (with a line through it). This eventually became the familiar # for convenience. From there the symbol took on a multitude of uses including coding in some early programming languages, labeling of IRC channels and as a button on 1960’s telephones.

According to research, Twitter is becoming an integral avenue for researchers to explore their disciplines, engage with each other and share their work. Check out these researcher themed hashtags on Twitter:

For further information on increasing your impact with the use of various social media, the library offers the HDR workshop “Build and leverage your research profile”. Discipline Librarians can also offer advice on the effective use of social media in connecting with other researchers.

Did you know that Griffith University will often include the #griffithlibrary when talking about our own research?