Why Google apps are the APPsolute best

iphone-410311_1280Wondering how you can develop organisational skills that would put Monica from Friends to shame?

Developing organisational prowess is key to university success. Which is why it’s time to say goodbye to sticky note to-do lists and hello to your most organised uni semester yet! But how? With Google, of course.

Google offers a range of apps that make organising your timetable, group assignments, emails, contacts, appointments and documents a piece of delicious easy-to-use cake.


Apps include:

  • Gmail – your fabulous Griffith email account with crazy storage capabilities
  • Drive and Docs – create, store and share your important documents in Google Drive – anywhere, anytime (plus share and simultaneously work on the same Google document with other students)
  • Contacts – access Griffith specific information and add, edit, star or share contacts easily
  • Calendar – organise your study schedule with the calendar and you’ll be a time-management ninja in no time
  • Sites – Work with others to build sites with information that’s easily accessible to the people who need it – and don’t worry, you decide just who those ‘people’ are.

You’ll also be Appy to hear that as a Griffith student you automatically receive a Google account that lasts a lifetime.

Hungry for more information? Head over to the Google Apps support page. Or search the Google Play Store to download the whole set and let the organisation bliss begin.



One Comment on “Why Google apps are the APPsolute best”

  1. Apps definitely help to organise schedules, assignments, to research for assessments and to network to enable better learning experiences. My poor lil Galaxy 4 can’t keep up with the space I need for apps lol