International Day of Women and Girls in Science

WSF7-468x368Today the world is celebrating women and girls in science so we’ve decided to join in by celebrating Griffith’s very own science Alumni.

This annual day is an initiative of the United Nations and aims to inspire and engage with women and girls to increase gender equality within the global science community.

Griffith’s very own Science Alumni 

Mimi Venker
Exercise Science Graduate, Mimi ran away with the circus to work with the amazingly-talented Cirque du Soleil acrobats travelling far and wide with the world-renowned performers. She went on to become a physiotherapist and worked as the performance medicine supervisor on tour, looking after 50 artists.

Kylie Catterall
Thanks to her Griffith PhD in Environmental Chemistry, Kylie is helping keep the Gold Coast’s waterways clean and continues to work in collaboration with Griffith University. Her science degree has lead to an amazing career that is increasing water quality and promoting environmental sustainability.

Want to meet more kick-ass females in science? TED’s 12 badass scientists that happen to be women showcases women from around the world achieving amazing results in their field.

Feeling inspired? Find out more about Griffith’s science degrees. Griffith has an option for any science area that interests you. You can study biological, biomedical, chemical, environmental, forensic, marine or physical sciences.

Alternatively, find out more about the big wide world of science at the World Science Festival Brisbane (Griffith is an event partner) which begins across Brisbane on 9 March. Check out the full program and venues.

Don’t forget, as a Griffith student you can access the Library’s PressReader which has some fantastic science publications like Science Illustrated and Popular Science.


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  1. Loved this smorgasbord of a post with so many interesting things to follow up. Thank you !! Some very good resources for Education students to use in their prac too.