Room to research

Say good bye to your research storage problems

Ever gone a little overboard with your holiday souvenir shopping and had to plank your overflowing suitcase just to zip it up?

Well we can’t help you with that storage problem, but we can help Higher Degree Researchers with their overflowing research data.

As a researcher you’ve got access to Griffith’s Research Space, an area where researchers can gain access to digital data based on their storage needs. There is even a nifty and quick questionnaire to determine your specific storage needs!

The project data stored in these services is freely accessible, has no limit and is securely stored on Griffith servers.

Hundreds of research staff and Higher Degree Research students have embraced the service because it makes it so easy to store and share data within Australia and internationally.

Check out your research space, research drive and research vault options online and then say good bye to all your full hard drives!

For more information including the User Manual and FAQs, visit the Research Space homepage.