Free Mental Health workshops and certification!

MHFA-new-2015-LOGOWe have almost reached the end of exams and while our stress levels are going down – we are still waiting for results!  This is a very stressful times for us – exams, results, futures, holidays, major changes occur in your life around this time of year.

There is no shame or concerns to just sit down with someone and talk about what is happening or where you want to head.  Griffith University Student Services are offering a two day accredited Mental Health First Aid Workshop free to all Griffith Students, you just need to register.  Registration for the final two day course for 2015, opens today!

The course has been developed by the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University.  Nationally and internationally  recognised to educate and empower you to provide appropriate support for yourself or for others in your life.

Get information about Crisis Support, Counselling Options and who you can talk to for more information.  Please don’t wait until it is too late.  You owe it to friends, your family, everyone but most importantly you owe it to yourself to be aware of Mental Health support and issues.