Practical study tips

Study deskStudy week has arrived which means it’s time to push those usual procrastination tendencies aside and knuckle down into an effective study routine.

Like most things, the key to productive revising is to study smarter not necessarily harder.

Here are some quick pointers to help you reach your study goals and hopefully score some fantastic grades!



  • Planning is key. Break down your content into areas. This will help you determine what you want to achieve in each study block. Tip: use colourful markers to group and jazz up your content.
  • Set yourself up right. Good lighting can increase productivity. Use an area with good natural light or grab a desk or floor lamp for direct light.
  • You’ve heard it before, get enough sleep, eat healthy food and have regular short breaks for every 50-90 minutes of study to increase your focus.
  • Please turn off all your electronic devices. TV, phones and tablets can be distracting even if they are on silent. By turning them off you’ll remove the distraction and the temptation to jump on Facebook.
  • Map it out. Mind maps can help you categorise your content and visualise your topics better, which can help improve your memory.
  • Lastly, treat yourself. Giving yourself a reward after reaching a study goal can be great motivation to help you get through.

Don’t forget, the library is here to help. You can get help from a Learning Adviser or access these Griffith exam strategies through the Library website. For more advice on exam prep read Strategies for Academic Success or book a session today with a Learning Adviser for more tailored advice for your study needs.

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