Google reveals their must-have graduate trait

Employee candidatesWhether you’re graduating this year, next year or it’s so long away you can’t yet imagine that sweet, sweet moment, at some point every student will face the exciting and sometimes daunting task of entering the workplace. Luckily—and like usual—Google is here to save the day with some insider knowledge.

Director of Google’s Digital Academy regularly recruits ambitious graduates from around the world who have impressive CVs but he’s revealed a new type of talent that is setting candidates apart.


It’s called cultural intelligence. Don’t worry you don’t need to speak five languages or have a passport full of stamps. Cultural intelligence is about having a thirst to learn about people who are different to you.

He explains, “It’s about learning from different cultures in different countries, but equally, it could be about different cultures in different companies and sectors, even departments in the same company.”

For some, this information might not be a revelation but it does reiterate the importance employers sometimes place on attitude over skills and experience. So, let us leave you with the resounding words of Winston Churchill, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”.

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