How to stress less this exam block

shutterstock_34473820Would you like an exam block free of stress, cramming and late nights? Well that trifecta might not be totally possible but with a little preparation you can help finish your semester on a high–a high grade that is!

Firstly, if you’ve got those pre-exam jitters, take heart you are not alone and many other students are experiencing exactly the same difficulties as you are. The best way to beat stress is go in prepared, which is where the Library resources come in.

Through the Library, you have access to some fantastic services that can help ensure you get the most out of your exam study. Our Learning Advisers have some great strategies and tips to get you through this difficult period of your study and may increase your chances of getting good marks.

A number of these exam strategies are available on the Library website and will help you understand how to approach different types of questions, what to do in the exam itself and how to deal with the stress that you may experience.

But wait there’s more! For more advice on exam preparation and time management you can also check out Strategies for Academic Success online. Or book a session with one of our Learning Advisers and get some quick advice tailored towards your particular study needs.

Remember, get enough sleep, eat healthy and take breaks–you got this!