There’s an App for that



End of semester is almost here and although your summer holiday daydreams may have begun there are still those unavoidable assignments and exams to ace before you sail off into the sunset.

But don’t worry technology is here to help! There are some great Apps out there that offer a range of different tools sure to get you in a great study groove. 

Here are some we prepared earlier:


ExamTime is your one-stop-shop for all your course content. It allows you to create online mind maps, flashcards, online notes and quizzes. It also lets you share all your online study resources with your classmates. Plus all your notes are stored in one place and easily accessible!

Exam Countdown

Can’t seem to kick your study into gear? This free App helps you keep on track with all your exams and assignment deadlines. This App may not target studying directly but it can be useful purely as a motivational tool – especially for those procrastibakers who take a more last minute approach.


As the name suggests, this App helps people who may need a little extra help mustering some self control. It works by blocking certain websites for a set amount of time nominated by you so you can get on with your study. This allows you to concentrate and avoid sporadically checking social networks or your email.


Did you know all the famous and most fascinating people are in your phone now? The TED App offers interesting short presentations perfect for those essential study breaks. Chances are these educators, geniuses and medical mavericks will inspire you to head back to the library with more rigour then before.

Griffith App

If you haven’t already, you should definitely get your hands on the free Griffith App from the App Store, Google Play Store and other web based Smart Phones. Not only does it have maps, timetables, student email, events, transport and course info but you can access a range of helpful library resources for studying from your hot little hand.

Get even more help by going to the self-help study resources on the library website or make an appointment with a learning adviser for tips on getting through your exams.

App-y studying!