Back II the Future’s Future

BTTF editToday is a very special day – we have arrived to the future that was portrayed in the 1989 classic film Back II the Future.

As Marty and Doc race forward in time, with the passed-out Jennifer, to save Marty’s son our future is a little different from the future that is shown in the film.





First, let’s start with the good stuff we do have:

Sadly, what we don’t have:

  • mini pizzas that turn into full size pizzas in seconds
  • we don’t have the double tie fashion
  • nor the self drying jacket
  • the fruit and vegetable garden that drops down from the ceiling
  • and sadly, the Jaws franchise has left it painfully late to film and release Jaws 5 – 18 before Jaws 19.  Including a hologram and Steven Spielberg’s son, Max, directing!

great scottThe writers also predicted something that came true and something that may come true – although, at the time this prediction was funny because it was extremely unlikely!

We suggest you celebrate this day by inviting your friends over, gathering your children and/or niblings and introducing as many people as possible to 3 of the greatest films of all time!