Be prepared to flip: the new world of education

Artistic_cycling_bottle_headstandAre you ready to flip the way you learn onto its head and embrace the flipped classroom?

Many classrooms are now using a learning approach where content that you’ve already read or viewed in pre-recorded videos outside of class, can be discussed or worked on during workshops or tutorials.  In this interactive learning environment, a lecturer or instructor will have added opportunities to workshops challenging content or concepts and is therefore seen as a ‘guide on the side’ rather than a ‘sage on the stage’.  [1]

According to an article by Educause, there is a growing uptake of the flipped model in higher education courses due to the benefits of the approach. Access to the content before class means you don’t get left behind and your education is personalised because of the increased contact time between you and your lecturers and tutors.

The flipped classroom approach can support your learning as the collaborative environment encourages higher order thinking, improves conceptual understanding, and fosters deeper learning. Your academic performance is also likely to improve because you are playing an active role in that learning. If you want to heighten your study and assessment success even further, then Library and Learning Services specialists can help you.

If you are an Arts, Education or Law/CCJ student, we have a team of AEL Library and Learning Specialists who can support you in your studies and also assist you to locate materials for your assignments or field placements.

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[1] King, A. (1993). From sage on the stage to guide on the side. College Teaching,41(1), 30-35.