Robotics for health and well-being

Interested in robotics as a tool for health and well-being?

Have a parent or grandparent or friend living with dementia?

Highly regarded researcher, Professor Wendy Moyle, will be presenting at a FREE event. To join us, please register at

You’re invited to come along to her seminar: Not just for the young at heart: social robots and older people.

The ageing of the population, alongside an increase in frailty and cognitive impairment, makes the use of robots in the care of older persons increasingly likely.

Despite the possible benefits of robots, issues are frequently raised such as, reduction in human contact; deception and infantilisation; and loss of control and privacy. While it is important to balance care benefits against the ethical costs, robots offer opportunities to reduce dependence and engage older people in social interaction that can improve their quality of life.

Recent developments in robot applications for assisting older people and their carers, and their potential benefits and limitations will be outlined. Ground breaking research in the evaluation of social robots in the care of older people with dementia at Griffith University will further demonstrate some of these benefits. For those who want to get up close and personal two social robots will also be on display.

Register now. 

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