Tips to stay safe this eSmart Week

It’s eSmart week, so here are some tips to staying safe and secure while constantly online.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • How many devices do I use?
  • What happens if the device was misplaced or stolen?
  • Do other people use my devices or vice versa?

Some tips to keeping yourself when answering the questions:

  • Always use a passcode or password on your devices – that way no one can just pick up your device and use it.
  • If you purchase online, think of using a debit card such as Load&Go so if the details are stolen, they cannot access your full funds.
  • If you do use your own information online, check if the company is reliable and trustworthy, contact your bank immediately if you do not remember purchasing items or notice a large sum of money has been spent a short time frame.
  • Understand your privacy settings on social media sites, lock down your information and who can see it – especially if you are applying for jobs, what do you want your potential employer to see?
  • Set up filters in your email to sent unwanted emails to separate folders or spam folder – perfect for that annoying uncle with the constant dad jokes.
  • If your children or younger members of your family use your device, check to ensure they cannot access anything in which may be inappropriate for them to view – Mum won’t be happy if you let your little sister watch some inappropriate youtube!
  • Make sure that randomly tapping a device does not result in a large purchase.

And remember – once it is on the web, it’s permanently on the web and can never be fully deleted or removed.

The first National eSmart Week launches today.  And in our current world, we live interconnected all day, everyday, through our phones, tablets and computers.

The initiative was started by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation to help combat cyberbullying and promote digital literacy.   More than 400 schools and libraries around Australia will take part in this awareness programme.