Sustainability Week 31/8-4/9

Sustainability Week

Griffith has dedicated a lot of time and resources to sustainability for our planet’s future.

This includes multiple ‘green’ buildings on the Nathan and Gold Coast Campuses:
Eco Centre

Sir Samuel Griffith Centre – Nathan campus
EcoCentre – Nathan campus
Smart Water Research Centre – Gold Coast campus
Science, Engineering and Architecture building – Gold Coast campus
Griffith Health Centre – Gold Coast campus
‘Green’ carpark – Gold Coast campus


There is so much you can do to help make the world a cleaner and healthier place.  Even something as simple as a reusable coffee cup means being proactive.  In fact, the first 500 people who take the sustainability pledge between 31/8-4/9 will receive a free reusable cup and coffee!e-Waste Bins

You can also recycle old mobile phones and batteries at your campus libraries.  Nathan and Gold Coast libraries even have a catchment for e-waste!

Be part of the events at your campus to bring awareness to sustainability and the environment:

No time like the present to be a freegan!