Using the subject guides

Are you finding it difficult to find relevant information on the Library Catalogue? Are you using Google Scholar and retrieving a lot of irrelevant information? It can be so easy to spend hours of searching for relevant journal articles, books and websites, only to find information that is not relevant for your assignment.

This is when the subject guides created by your friendly librarians at Griffith Library may help. Link to the Subject Guides next to the Library Catalogue and pick a broad subject area to browse. Subject guidesFor example, for an assignment on the influence of drought on the gestation period of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, it may be helpful to browse the Ecology and Conservation Biology subject guide from Environment, Planning and Architecture link on the Library home page.

To locate peer-reviewed articles on this subject, click on the Articles and journals tab to view the most relevant databases in Ecology and Conservation Biology. Try searching ScienceDirect, for relevant journal articles about the topic.

Clicking on the Data, maps and images tab may retrieve relevant information on a particular species of kangaroo. For example, the Australian Biodiversity Resources Study website contains information gathered by the Australian Government Department of the Environment.

For assistance in locating information for your assignments, book a Research and Referencing consultation with a Librarian.