Exam Strategies and Preparation

"Hand completing a multiple choice exam." by  Alberto G. with CC licence CC BY 2.0

“Hand completing a multiple choice exam.” by
Alberto G. with CC licence CC BY 2.0

Are you prepared for exams in June? Are you getting the pre-exam jitters? Exam time is always a stressful time for students in the university. Take heart that you are not alone and many other students are experiencing exactly the same difficulties as you are.

Our Learning Advisers understand what you are going through and have some great strategies and tips to get you through this difficult period of your study and may increase your chances of getting good marks despite the stress. A number of these exam strategies are available to you on the Library website to help you understand how to approach different types of questions, what to do in the exam itself and how to deal with the stress that you may experience.

Additional advice on exam preparation and time management are available online at “Strategies for Academic Success”. Alternatively, book a session with one of our Learning Advisers and get some quick advice tailored towards your particular circumstances.