Reflective writing and health students – think about it

Studying at university involves a lot more than just reading articles and writing essays. Griffith Health courses often provide work placement experiences for students, with assessments that go beyond traditional research essays.

The experiences gained from a placement in a “real world” situation are valuable in learning how to be a professional in your field.

To get the most out of these placements, students are encouraged to think about, or reflect upon, situations that occurred on their placements and how they felt about the way things were handled.

In reflective pieces it is generally acceptable to write about your feelings and reactions, as well as those of others involved at the time. You might also be asked about your own values and belief systems and if they raise any issues for you as a practitioner.

By being involved in the reflective process you make links between yourself, course content, theory, and how you learn to improve your practice as a professional.

To help you with this process, Library and Learning Services have Self Help Resources to help clarify the process of reflection and writing reflective assignments.

We also have consultations available to help you with your writing and academic skills, including reflective writing.