‘Appy exams to all…

Considered using Apps for exam study? Useful ones are available in both Android and iOS. It’s a good idea to survey what’s available on Google Play and the study blueApple AppStore – and many are either free or cost just a little. Among those considered useful by most is StudyBlue. This App is available in Android and iOS and allows you to prepare study flash cards that can be shared with others over the internet, You can check your understanding of material by answering formative assessment questions in a variety of formats: quizzes, quick question polls. Get together with your friends to set up a bank of flash cards on a topic or subject to save time, share the study load and take mock multiple choice tests.

istudiezpro apple-rotatedHaving trouble scheduling your study? iStudiez Pro might be the one for you. This handy tool allows you to create a schedule by entering all your class details, including extras such as tutor office hours, staff contact details and holiday periods. You can also keep track of your assignments and set alarms for upcoming classes and assignment due dates. Best of all? All your information is summarised in a nifty daily schedule in iOS, Android or on Windows. CoursePro is a similar App available for Android phones.

timetableNeeding to timetable your exams and final lectures? Timetable is a really clean and easy to use app on Google Play for managing your school or university life. Save your timetable and all your tasks from homework to exams. You only need to enter them once, because Timetable syncs across all your Android devices: nice! Have you ever forgetton to turn down the volume on your phone? No problem, this App automatically mutes your phone during lessons!

exam countdownNeed to keep all essential dates in one place? Exam countdown is a friendly free App that will help keep you on track with all your exams and tests, “the must have’ app for ALL students preparing for Examinations at ALL levels”.


dragdisMaybe you’re still in the research and writing mode? Try Dragdis. This App is great for sorting out research material and compiling information for different arguments. Plus, Dragdis just introduced collaboration folders, which are great for group projects as you can create a folder, share it with your peers and then co-create a library of useful readings/ materials to include in the project.


smiling mindOr perhaps you’re just feeling a little stressed out? Smiling Mind can help with meditation sessions that ‘provide a sense of clarity, calm and contentment’ that will help you through your exam period.



So, need a break from your exam schedule? Explore the App world; get some help with studying and scheduling; collaborate and share the study load with your friends.

Get even more help by going to the self-help study resources on the library website or make an appointment with a learning advisers for tips in getting through your exams.