Need help finding the right information for your assignments?

Academic writing requires the use of relevant, reliable and high quality information, typically found in scholarly and peer-reviewed academic journals.

To make a start on discovering new resources and materials visit the subject guide for your area of study. Guides will tell you what databases, journals, books, websites and other information resources are recommended and relevant to your discipline and subject.  If you would like to know more about finding, using and evaluating information, you can check out the researching self-help resources, attend one of the Library’s researching workshops, or book a 20-minute consultation with a librarian.

In addition to scholarly texts, other types of information resources can be useful. For example, you might need to define a key concept in your essay to ensure that the reader understands your argument or context.  Therefore, discipline-related reference resources, including dictionaries and glossaries or standard sites such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, can be most helpful.

In the case of the visual arts, it is especially relevant to use images to convey thoughts and to support arguments. Within the Library resources you have access to millions of ethically sourced images, as well as videos and multimedia, for the arts, humanities, social sciences and other disciplines.