Studying law at Griffith University

Studying law? Do you know the best way to access the wealth of legal research resources available to you via the Griffith University Library?

The legal research skills that you accrue through your study remain useful throughout your professional career. Whilst law school material may change over time your capacity to access new materials, and to transfer and apply research skills developed through your degree program, will always be valuable. This includes skills in searching, and research specifically, which demands a thorough knowledge of legal information sources and their relevant applications.

The Library Catalogue is your first port of call for discovering a diverse range of information in Griffith’s collection of books and eBooks, scholarly journals, newspaper articles, theses, and dissertations. In addition, there are more specialised sources available for your specific legal research.

Legal research differs from other disciplines. It is not a linear, mechanical process. It entails a variety of approaches. Utilising the full range of legal resources will require you to understand the specific capacity of each, and the type of search required to locate relevant information. This knowledge, along with formulating research strategies, will help you to determine which of the resources you will need to access and where information is likely to be found.

Although emerging technologies continue to change the online environment, not all legal information is available through online means. You may also need to know how to locate older legislative, case and parliamentary materials which are located in the Library’s print collection. This might require expert assistance. Specialist librarians, and other support specialists, understand the complexities of legal writing, research and searching. There is a variety of expertise located within Library and Learning Services for you to contact.

In addition, remember to check the Law subject guide regularly for updates to latest legal news, tips for searching law resources and general advice for law students.

All the best with your studies!