Popular Science Apps : Chemistry

The Griffith Sciences team know our students love to use their mobile devices so over the next few months we will cover some apps we think are worth your time and effort to download.   Where possible we have selected free apps for iPad, iPhones and Android devices, however we’ve also included some that require payment, simply because they have been highly rated. You are sure to find one of interest to help you in your studies.

iPad and iPhone

"Coffee and Internet" by Ulf Bodin is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

“Coffee and Internet” by Ulf Bodin is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Quick Periodic Table of the Elements (Quick Learning LLC). Price: Free

Quick Elements gives you rapid access to information on the elements. It features four colour-coded tables summarizing a variety of information on each element. You can decide on the table view or a searchable list of all 118 elements with property data. You can organise the list of elements by atomic number, symbol or name. Four different views of the table are available:

  •  chemical categories
  • classes
  • representative elements
  • orbital blocks


Periodic Table (Socratica). Price: Free

This popular app contains the periodic table of elements with over 30 facts about each element and audio clips to help you with pronunciation. You can test yourself in a quiz and it has search and browse functions to help you find information about each element. It also directs users to relevant YouTube videos to help you learn chemistry terms. It is available in many languages.

iPad and iPhone

Khan Academy (Khan Academy). Price: Free

This popular iOS app allows you to freely download over 4000 videos, articles and other learning material from the Khan Academy, a popular provider of Open Access resources, free on the web. You can watch many videos and view other resources on a range of essential science subjects including basic and advanced tutorials on chemistry. You can download the videos for later viewing when you don’t have network connection.


Viewer for Khan Academy (Concentric Sky Inc.). Price: Free

This app is very similar to the equivalent Khan Academy app for iPhone and iPad in providing 4000+ videos and other free educational resources from the Khan Academy.

If you want to learn how to create mobile apps, some useful information can be found from databases on the Multimedia library guide accessible from the Engineering and IT subject library guide from the library home page.