Perspectives in an Energy-Secure Future

Energy Perspectives

Photo taken by thinkpanama (2008) (CC By-NC 2.0)

The manufacturing industry in China is increasing as the country aims to improve its energy security. An article in The Conversation highlights the policies that China is putting in place to invest in renewable energy. The key motivator is to meet the energy requirements for the entire population. For those students undertaking studies in Engineering and Technology, there is positive news for those that have an interest in renewable energy and how this industry is currently thriving internationally. India, South Korea and Germany are other countries that are investing in renewable energy industries.

Energy security has historically been viewed largely through fossil fuel resources. So while currently policy in Australia and the United States is more concerned with fossil fuel energy markets, there are improving opportunities in renewable energy overseas. Australia’s investment in fossil fuel exports may be of limited benefit with Australia’s main export destination increasingly relying upon their own renewable sources. The predominant view in Australia has been to reduce fossil fuels to reduce carbon emissions, which can be viewed as a reactionary response. Whereas the approach in China and other countries has taken a positive view of increasing their energy security with renewable energy, thus ultimately assisting in building their manufacturing industries and reducing carbon emissions.

This article highlights the different perspectives that may be required in looking for solutions. Whether you are trying to make a Mouse Trap car more efficient for an Engineering assignment or searching for a solution to an IT problem, there is always another aspect to consider. The approach China is taking shows that the benefits of alternative solutions are widespread. The costs of many components are significantly cheaper, which encourages more investment and makes renewable energy more affordable. It then follows that when undertaking research or assessment tasks, always consider alternative perspectives. The new ideas and perspectives you consider could have amazing possibilities.

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