What does a $1million book look like?

Want to see what $1million can buy you at the book store? Well now’s the time while The Great Book of Ireland is on display in the Griffith Library.

From Bono to Enya to Samuel Beckett, The Great Book of Ireland features work from some of Ireland’s greatest, and is now on display in digital format on massive touch screens in the Nathan and Gold Coast library foyers.

In 2012, following a five year fundraising campaign, The Great Book of Ireland was acquired for US$1,000,000 by University College Cork (UCC).

The book is an extraordinary single vellum manuscript comprising the original work of 121 artists, 143 poets and nine composers. Produced in Dublin, Ireland, between 1989 and 1991, it was created as a fundraising venture to advance the development plans of two arts support organisations operating in the fields of visual art and poetry.

The artists, poets and composers were asked to contribute in their own medium what they believed represented their hopes, fears, dreams or imaginings in the Ireland of that particular time, and which would have resonance in a thousand years’ time – as the longevity of vellum allows.

Griffith University is honoured to be hosting this historical masterpiece in digital format. Drop by the Nathan or Gold Coast libraries and have a go of the touch screen!

The Great Book of Ireland touch screen