This Week in the Library – Week 12


Free workshops will be offered again in Semester 2 – watch our website for the new timetable.

In the meantime, don’t forget about our consultation services – they can help with your Academic, Computing and Library Research Skills.

You can find out more about consultations by visiting the Workshops and Training webpage on the library website.

One Comment on “This Week in the Library – Week 12”

  1. Emylin Severo says:

    Hi! I just want to express my sincerest gratitude to Griffith for the free workshops that they have offered that helped me breeze thru with my academic studies during the first semester of this year. The one-on-one consultations with Learning Advisers and ICT specialists had helped me so much.

    I humbly suggest if it is possible for us to book or request the services of a particular learning adviser so that we would feel comfortable in asking questions because they already know our progress and topic (applicable for Learning Advisers). In that way, time is maximised and hopefully the consultation time will be extended from 20 minues to about 40 minutes.

    Special thanks to Ameeta Prakash. Thank you for your generous time in helping me with EndNote, Word Basics and all other “techy” stuff. To my learning advisers: Melissa and Elizabeth, thank you for giving me essential academic tips. To my IAP mentors: Theresa and Pauline thank you for making me believe in myself. Know that you have inspired me to study even more and do my very best. Thank you for helping me survive University life that is far different from home.

    I sincerely hope that you continue to offer and provide these free services to students especially international students who are really having tough times in adjusting to Uni life here in Australia. God bless you!

    All the best,