Golden anniversary – Science Citation Index

May marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the Science Citation Index.  Initially released in 1964, it was the brainchild of the eminent information scientist Eugene Garfield, founder of the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI), and a key researcher in the fields of bibliometrics and scientimetrics. This index is now a powerful database known as the Web of Science/Web of Knowledge.

The scientific community used the original form of the database in comprehensive book indexes to find material which cited a known author or specific subject areas. Since changing to electronic form, the database is used by scholars in powerful searches for relevant scientific journal articles. You can see a video of Dr Garfield describing the history of the index on the Thomson Reuters’ Youtube channel.

Web of Science was the first database to analyse the popularity/credibility of scientific work with citation analyses and other bibliometrics’ features still widely used by scholars. Now, there are other databases which compete in this landscape and the currency and accuracy of all such databases are being hotly debated among information scientists.

If you are an HDR student, teaching academic or researcher in the Griffith Sciences and wish to know how you can effectively use the Web of Science database, or you need some help in research, publishing endeavours, online identity management, open access, learning and teaching resources, or you simply require a one on one personalised consultation, please contact the Library and Learning Services, science librarians Mr Phillip McDonald and Dr Franz Pinz.