4 ways you can be more sustainable at uni

Sustainability Week

  • Welcome to Griffith Sustainability Week! To help you help the environment, here’s 4 easy ways you can be more sustainable while studying:

1. Save energy – Enabling your computer to go into energy saving mode when you are not using it will reduce energy use by up to 50%! Follow these steps to enable the power management setting on your computer.

2. Use these computer tips – turn off your computer screen when not in use; minimise use of screensavers (allowing your computer to go into sleep mode instead); turn off your computer and screen at the end of the day.

3. Recycle your e-waste – Still have an old Nokia 3315 lurking in that bottom drawer? It’s important to dispose of your e-waste (mobile phones, batteries, computers, TVs etc) properly. If not, your actions can have devastating effects. There are recycling stations located in all campus libraries.

4. Sign up to the Griffith Sustainability Commitment – Join 2,400 other Griffith staff and students who’ve already taken the pledge!

Griffith’s Sustainability website has a heap of additional ways you can be more sustainable at uni.  For more information about Sustainability Week activities (7-11 April) visit the Griffith Sustainability website.