App, App and Away!

  • Over 100,000 people have downloaded the Griffith App. Have you got it yet?

Griffith AppFrom O-Week to the end of the first week of Semester 1 2014, more than 10,000 new users downloaded the Griffith App, bringing the total number of users up to over 100,000.

The app was updated earlier this year and now comes with a variety of new features including a fresh interface, a new Courses feature, Study 2015 for future students and a section dedicated to International students.

Urban & Environmental Planning student Angela Lavcanovska is enjoying the easy access to information.

“The Griffith App is really handy for me. Especially since this is my first year and everything is still so new,” she said.

“With the app, all the help and information I need is just one tap away. I feel so organised!”

The ‘Map’ and ‘Timetable’ features are proving popular, along with ‘Learning’, which provides mobile friendly access to Learning@Griffith.

Business student Sara Petrovska is one of 49,148 students who enjoyed the perks of using an interactive campus map during O-Week.

“Being a first year student, the Griffith App has really helped me get around campus without getting lost!” she said.

“It’s like my survival kit.”

The Griffith App is currently available in Apple’s App Store, Google Play, and online (mobile friendly version). Download it now for free.