New Service at the Gold Coast library

Raining? Help keep our library dry by using the new umbrella wrapping machines, available at both library entrances

Help keep our revamped Gold Coast library dry by using the new umbrella wrapping machines. The Wet Umbrella Wrapper Machine provides clients and staff visiting the Gold Coast library a safe and secure way to plastic wrap their wet umbrellas during wet days before entering library study spaces.

Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machines will be available on rainy days at each of the Gold Coast library’s main entrances. The functionality of the Wet Umbrella Wrapper Machine is very simple, and the machine has been designed and manufactured to work on all types of umbrellas.

There is no need to pre-close your umbrella, just insert and the round tapered entry will close your umbrella, inserting it into a plastic bag easily. The polybags are environmentally friendly, reusable and are generally taken home with the users as it keeps the umbrella dry when they are traveling in their own vehicle or using public transport.

We encourage people using the Wet Umbrella Wrapper Machine to please take their umbrella with them after wrapping has been completed.