E-books Make Life Easy

eBook logoSick of lugging around heavy library books? Well sit down, put your tired feet up and let us tell you about a (not so) little thing called Ebrary Academic Complete.

If you haven’t already heard about Ebrary, our growing e-book collection, it’s time to get out from under that rock and go exploring! Before you do, here’s the essentials you need to know about Ebrary:

  • It includes over 80,000 titles in a range of subject areas.
  • Subject areas include education, fine arts, language and literature, law, medicine, science, political science, social science and technology.
  • You can access Ebrary at uni, at home, or absolutely anywhere there is an internet connection!
  • E-books can be read easily on a variety of devices including computers, tablets, smartphones and e-book readers.
  • The list of publishers includes the best of the best – Harvard University Press, Oxford University Press, International Monetary Fund, Wiley, Routledge, De Gruyter, Cornell University Press and many more.
  • In June alone, we added nearly 3,000 titles, with this number set to continually increase.
  • Since Ebrary was made available to the Griffith community in late 2012, over 500,000 pages have been viewed, 23,000 pages have been printed, and over 13,000 unique titles accessed.

You can access this essential resource through Library Search – type in “Ebrary” as a databases search to browse subject areas. Or explore Ebrary Academic Complete here.

Goodbye sore back. Hello handy researching!

2 Comments on “E-books Make Life Easy”

  1. janelle mcmahon says:

    Love your logo. Cannot find if it is copyright. Do we have permission to you this logo to advertise our ebook collection?. Thanks


    • Hi Janelle,

      Thanks for your kind words about the e-book graphic used in this story. We cannot give you permission to use this logo for your own e-book collection due to licensing reasons, as we purchased it from shutterstock.com . But it is not all bad news as shutterstock have many images including this one that you could purchase for use within your own organisation. Hope this helps.