This week in the library – week 3


  • Here’s what’s happening in Week 3:

Workshop Date Time Campus Room
Academic Skills
Report writing Mon   05/08 12:00 Logan L05_3.03
Writing paragraphs Tue   06/08 12:00 Nathan N53_1.51
Writing reports Wed   07/08 10:00 Nathan N53_1.51
Moving beyond description Fri   09/08 10:30 Nathan N53_1.51
Computing Skills
EndNote Mon   05/08 9:30 Nathan N53_1.50
EndNote Wed   07/08 6:00 Gold Coast G10_2.09
Word: theses and other long documents Thu   08/08 1:00 Nathan N53_1.50
Word: formatting for consistency Fri   09/08 9:30 Gold Coast G10_2.09
Library research skills
Researching for postgraduates Mon   05/08 6:00 Nathan N53_1.49
Understanding referencing Tue   06/08 12:00 Nathan N53_1.49
Setting up your own topic or research question Wed   07/08 5:00 Nathan N53_1.51
Researching for your assignment  Wed   07/08 12:15 Gold Coast G10_2.09
Researching for your assignment  Thu   08/08 12:00 Nathan N53_1.49
Understanding referencing Thu   08/08 12:15 Gold Coast G10_2.09

You can find out more about workshops by visiting the Workshops and Training webpage on the library website.

2 Comments on “This week in the library – week 3”

  1. Debbie Presley says:

    Hello, I study at SOUTHBANK and would like to benefit from these tutorials but due to my class timetable am UNABLE TO ATTEND ANY WORKSHOPS.