Your student Google Apps at Griffith – welcome to awesome studying!


  • So here is something neat about the Griffith Google Apps account that you receive when you start at Griffith: it will be available to you for life. Serious!

Griffith student Google Apps consist of:

  • Gmail  – your fabulous Griffith email account with crazy storage capabilities
  • Docs  – create, store and share your important documents in Google Drive – anywhere, anytime (plus share and simultaneously work on the same Google document with other students and staff)
  • Calendar – organise your study schedule with the calendar – and become a time management demon!
  • Sites – a way to share and create webpages with other staff and students
  • Talk – chat with other classmates, friends and staff using the g-chat function in your email. Instant message = winning!

We believe these tools will help you to achieve studying enlightenment. (Well maybe not, but at the very least your organisational skill and time management ability will impress your mum.)

Are you sufficiently wowed? Head on over to the student email support page for more information!

What do you think about Google Apps? Have they helped you in your studying and general UNI goals? We’d love to hear from you!